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Superburger was born in Santa Rosa, California at the beginning of the 1950s in a shack near the corner of College and 4th streets. 

We were conceived in the first moments of America's fast food burger culture but we brought ourselves up on slow food values instead.  Our ingredients are stubbornly old fashioned because we still believe in using soft local bakery buns delivered daily and freshly ground choice beef that make the best hamburgers when served hot and eaten right away. 


Our backyard style hamburgers and hand spun milkshakes take a little more time to custom prepare for each customer but the results are well worth it. 


Other hamburger restaurants have come and gone in Sonoma County over the decades but the Superburger attitude we’ve maintained since the last century keeps us an ageless classic. 



Visit each of our 5 unique locations to discover which one is your favorite!

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So many burgers so little time!

We love testing our taste buds and creativity and and trying different burger specials. 

We are always open to suggestions!


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